Wicked Game

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wicked Game : by Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wicked Game : by Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush - Wicked Game, Wicked Game Twenty years ago wild child Jessie Brentwood vanished from St Elizabeth s high school Most in Jessie s circle of friends believed she had run away Few suspected she was hiding a shocking secret a sec

  • Title: Wicked Game
  • Author: Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush
  • ISBN: 9781602854147
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wicked Game : by Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush, Wicked Game, Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush, Wicked Game Twenty years ago wild child Jessie Brentwood vanished from St Elizabeth s high school Most in Jessie s circle of friends believed she had run away Few suspected she was hiding a shocking secret a secret that brought her into the crosshairs of a vicious killer Two decades later a body is unearthed on school grounds and Jessie s old friends gather together certaiTwenty years ago wild

Wicked Game

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wicked Game : by Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wicked Game : by Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush - Wicked Game, Wicked Game Twenty years ago wild child Jessie Brentwood vanished from St Elizabeth s high school Most in Jessie s circle of friends believed she had run away Few suspected she was hiding a shocking secret a sec Wicked Game

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Wicked Game : by Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush
    365Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush
Wicked Game

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  1. Ehhhh I love mysteries and thrillers, but I found this book repetitive, confusing, and many parts and characters unnecessary It begins with a teenage girl murdered in a maze, and her boyfriend and friends all suspects Flashforward twenty years, the cop working the case and uber fucking creepy hot for dead girl is still hopeful he can solve the case Did I mention he was creepy SO FUCKING CREEPY Oh but I mentioned her friends as suspects, right Well don t worry about remembering too many of them, [...]

  2. I see that many of the other reviewers didn t like this Again, I am going to have to disagree I don t usually like Lisa Jackson s work, but I picked this up because I felt like reading something light to me, this is light and I thought this book was suspenseful enough to hold my interest and keep me reading It was a mystery as well as a romance, and I liked how I did not figure it out before the ending The characters were realistic and did not seem like the carbon cutouts most romantic suspense [...]

  3. Maybe if I had listened to this when I first got the audio, I might have felt different But I don t think so Twenty years ago Jessie Brentwood, a high school student with a wild reputation, disappeared with no word One cop suspected murder but without even a blood stain to go on, it was chalked up to a willing disappearance Now, a body has been dug up on the school grounds and it is clear that the body wasn t there by choice Her old school friends though with friends like these no one needed ene [...]

  4. Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewJe n avais pas entendu parler de cette s rie avant de la tenter mais j tais curieuse d en d couvrir plus J appr cie toujours de d couvrir une nouvelle s rie de suspens thriller et c tait alors une bonne occasion avec ce roman J avoue que le r sum Fran ais ne m avait pas attendu retrouver une touche de paranormal mais c tait une bonne surprise de d couvrir ce joli m lange J tais tout de m me un peu anxieuse avant de me lancer dans l histoire Oui parce qu il fa [...]

  5. Description ONE BY ONE, THEY LL DIETwenty years ago, wild child Jessie Brentwood vanished from St Elizabeth s high school Most in Jessie s tight circle of friends believed she simply ran away Few suspected that Jessie was hiding a shocking secret one that brought her into the crosshairs of a vicious killerUNTIL THERE S NO ONE LEFTTwo decades pass before a body is unearthed on school grounds and Jessie s old friends reunite to talk Most are sure that the body is Jessie s, that the mystery of what [...]

  6. I did not know this book was part of a series until after I had gotten into it a few pages However the book was still readable and a good book even tho I had not read the first book in the series There were a few refer back mentions of things that had happened previously but not enough to kill this story for me.Twenty years ago, Jessie Brentwood disappears without a trace Her friends think she has run away since she was a habitual runaway and also because she was adopted Now twenty years later, [...]

  7. I usually enjoy Lisa Jackson books for their grabbing action and fast plot Wicked Game was my first book in this series and I generally enjoyed it.The suspense part was really interesting It kept me guessing till the end Still, the ending was a bit too fast, I wish there was some investigation or that someone Mac or Becca and Hudson discover the identity of the killer However, I believe it this part is developed in the other books in the series The other thing that wasn t properly developed is t [...]

  8. Im Prinzip ist es ein Psychothriller Und als solcher w re das Buch auch gar nicht mal ganz so schlecht Aber die beiden Autorinnen haben versucht, die Genres zu mischen, und so haben sie noch eine Prise bersinnliche Wahrnehmung hinzugef gt und ein wenig Erotikroman Leider war das keine gute Idee, denn das alles pa t nicht wirklich zusammen und die Geschichte wird ziemlich gek nstelt Au erdem nerven die ausf hrlichen sexuellen Beschreibungen wenn ich einen Softporno lesen will, kaufe ich mir einen [...]

  9. This is the first book I ve read from either of these authors and I have to say I was sucked right in from the beginning Usually, I figure out the plots way before the end and those authors that manage to confuse me are those I respect the most The way this was laid out, the story and the characters were well done I have to admit that I sat through the super Bowl and read this during the time outs and the dull commercialsbut then again, I was pretty close to the end and just had to see what happ [...]

  10. Tbh I skimmed the vast majority of this book I liked the concept a lot and the writers are to be commended for integrating two authors into a seamless story, which is very hard to do On the other hand the authors made poor use of literary devices and the writing was ott and melodramatic in a way that works in a cheesy horror movie but not so much in a 400 page book I also wasn t thrilled with the ending, it wasn t exactly a cliffhanger but I got no answers which frustrates me to no end since I h [...]

  11. Wicked Game is the first book in The Colony series also known as The Wicked series by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush I read this book because this is a series I have been wanting to read for a long time I have all of the books, the newest Wicked Ways as an ARC from Netgalley, and it was time to get reading on these The book was an interesting romantic suspense with danger and secrets mixed with some paranormal aspects like visions and psychic abilities It also has a police procedural feel because p [...]

  12. Twenty years ago when Jessie vanished Detective Sam McNally Mac was the only one who believed foul play was involved in her disappearance Unfortunately he suspected one of the boys from her school whom he termed the Preppy Pricks of being involved and harassed them Now a body has been found on the grounds of St Elizabeth s high school and everyone believes the remains to be Jessie s Her friends gather to discuss her disappearance and Renee Hudson s twin sister reveals that she plans to do a stor [...]

  13. Technically this book achieved all I could want from a new book a heroine I liked and saw emotional growth in, a hunky good guy for the hero, a storyline quite different than what I ve read lately, than one plot twist and chills and thrills galore Ms Jackson Ms Bush this book was written with her sister added a strong secondary character line with McNalley the detective and his iffy partner Gretchen And finally, they left the door open for of the same in future books.I must also complement the [...]

  14. What a great thriller Lisa Jackson and her sister, Nancy Bush teamed up to write a story with a killer that will give you chills Wicked Game revolves around Becca Sutcliff and a tight group of friends from St Elizabeth High School In 1989, Jessie Brentwood, a member of that group of friends goes missing Everyone naturally assumes that she has run away, because that is what she has done many times before Twenty years go by before a body is found on the campus of St Elizabeth s A lot of questions [...]

  15. Lisa Jackson and her sister Nancy Bush take you on a serious thriller ride with Wicked Game They have you sitting on the edge of your seat Granted it took a moment to get there, but once there you ll want to know what in the world is going on the lives of Becca and her friends from St Elizabeth s High School In 1989 Jessie turned up missing What happened to her Some thought she was killed Others thought she just ran away like she always did So 20 years later some bones are unearthed Are they Jes [...]

  16. I haven t read many of Lisa Jackson s books I found this one at a consignment store and thought what the heck This book starts with a 20 year old mystery a teen had disappeared Bones are found and slowly throughout the book others are killed They are all related somehow to the missing girl from years ago I just finished reading it and I really enjoyed it It was suspenseful and it kept me guessing until the end My one criticism is at the end, I think the authors could have explained WHY everythin [...]

  17. This book was all mixed up At times it read like a cheap romance novel, others like a good mystery and at others like something that was just tossed out there because of the author s name Parts of the book were interesting but overall this was a disappointment.

  18. Dragged horribly, introduced mysteries at the end than solved, 3 4 of the book was taken up with red herrings and how THEY were resolved, leaving very little that was actually about the story itself Very obviously setting itself up for a sequel, doesn t really stand alone very well.

  19. So this book bills itself as a mystery suspense with some romance and supernatural elements It fails at everything but the mystery and part of that is how on earth this book got such a high rating It is very obvious that this book is written by two people It is also very very repetitive, you could cut this book in half and you would still get the whole story It starts with the murder of Jessie Brentwood view spoiler she is murdered at her high school at night and years later her body is found bu [...]

  20. Ive been looking for another Lisa Jackson book and this one did not let me down.Loved it I like her writing so much that I wanted others to enjoy them My sister is now hooked as well.

  21. What a great book I had terrible print this book soon I can usually predict what is coming, but with this story I had no idea what was going to happen next The story of Jezebel and Rebecca intertwines in wait I could have never seen.

  22. If I could do 3.5, I would This was another book that was randomly passed my way I found this quite a quick read and it has me interested in the series I didn t find it predictable and though there is quite a few characters, easy to keep track of It did creep me out a bit too.

  23. Pretty slow pace The plot could have moved along quicker It felt like the story didn t start until halfway into the book But overall a good read Always love Lisa Jackson

  24. I liked the mystery side of this book very much The love story not as much Didn t hate it, but just didn t delve into it deep enough I really like the author s writing style and storylines.

  25. Another winner of a story by Lisa her sister Nancy Bush Amazing Psychological thriller with supernatural flavors Done so well I loved the story Wow what a talent

  26. WARNING This is book 1 in the so called Colony series by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush Wicked Game, Wicked Lies, and Something Wicked However, ALL the major characters are introduced in Nancy Bush s Blind Spot and the stories there add greatly to the understanding and enjoyment of this trilogy It is obvious from reader reviews that those who haven t read Blind Spot are at a distinct disadvantage maybe even wasting their time, always trying to catch up and be clear on what s going on At any rate, m [...]

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