マギ 1 [Magi 1]

マギ 1 [Magi 1] Best Read || [Shinobu Ohtaka] マギ 1 [Magi 1] Best Read || [Shinobu Ohtaka] - マギ 1 [Magi 1], Magi

  • Title: マギ 1 [Magi 1]
  • Author: Shinobu Ohtaka
  • ISBN: 9784091220639
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback

マギ 1 [Magi 1] Best Read || [Shinobu Ohtaka], マギ 1 [Magi 1], Shinobu Ohtaka, Magi

マギ 1 [Magi 1]

マギ 1 [Magi 1] Best Read || [Shinobu Ohtaka] マギ 1 [Magi 1] Best Read || [Shinobu Ohtaka] - マギ 1 [Magi 1], Magi マギ 1 [Magi 1]

  • マギ 1 [Magi 1] Best Read || [Shinobu Ohtaka]
    293Shinobu Ohtaka
マギ 1 [Magi 1]

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  1. A young kid steals things, destroys other people s property, and then beats them up He s also an idiot, but that s him being seven or whatever , not him being stupid for a child Ever wonder what would happen if a random child unlocked the might makes right jutsu Here ya go I imagine parts are supposed to be cute Instead I kept thinking, well, that guy s dead and they re all bankrupt now.

  2. I m not sure why, but I kind of expected not to like this as much as the other manga that I ve been reading But this was really funny Definitely enjoyed myself while reading it I think I like it better than the anime.

  3. Magi Now, doNOTbe turned off by the 2 stars I have given this volume Since usually, a 2 star from me means that it isn t worthwhile But Magi is worthwhile At least, I think it is.See, the thing is that the first volume issooooooooooootypical and generic Like, I have seen this type of first volume TONS of times Main character is introduced without context, holds mysterious powers, randomly saves a minor character s dilemma and end of chapter Part of the reason is that the first chapter was aone s [...]

  4. Um okay I kinda love this manga.I know this series is pretty popular right now, so I figured I d check it out, and boy oh boy was it hysterical The artwork is pretty standard, but the over exaggerated faces are so hilarious and spectacular Like this page, for example I busted out laughing at the guys at the bottom Aladdin is so fricken adorable and ridiculous, you can t help but love him Alibaba is a pretty hilarious character as well And Ugo OMG I love it every time he s out of the flute It s l [...]

  5. Any book where I can t even get through the first chapter before the preteen main character starts groping an adult woman is not for me.

  6. Der erste Band der Magi Reihe und ich muss wirklich sagen, obwohl ich den Anime bereits kenne, wurde mir beim Lesen des Mangas niemals langweilig Ich finde, es gibt einige Unterschiede zwischen dem Manga und Anime und auch der Witz kommt im Manga deutlich mehr zum Ausdruck und ist noch besser gelungen als im Anime.Ich liebe die Neuinterpretation der Geschichte von 1001 Nacht im actiongeladenen, magischen und vor allem humorvollen Manga Gewand Mir sagt der Zeichenstil vollends zu Die Mischung ist [...]

  7. A playful manga series based on the stories from Arabian Nights A fantasy adventure with a good blend of comedy Great for older youth ages 12 , teen and adult based on stories most readers should recognize We have the ever famous Aladdin starring in this series With a magical flute that summons his friend, Ugo Ugo is a shy, headless djinn Aladdin is trying to help him recover his head and this book begins their adventures Another famous name is given to us Alibaba who is hand for hire who wants [...]

  8. I enjoyed this alotobably than I should have, actually It s a retelling of Aladdin s story, and if you grew up on the Disney version of this classic fairy tale, then get ready for something different Aladdin is a young traveling boy, who has a Djinn named Ugo Ugo has a problem He can t seem to get his head out of the pipe that he is stuck in However, he can get his body and neck out, so he is always there to help whenever Aladdin is in a pinch Some of the people Aladdin meets up with are not qu [...]

  9. s s view spoiler I definitely like this a lot than the anime I tried watching the anime, and I did like it, but just the story and the POTENTIAL that it held For whatever reason it s so, so much better to read, and I m so, so glad that I choose to pick it up because it s one of those rare gems of a manga Seriously, gias, it s fantastic hide spoiler br br br

  10. It is a quick read, because it is a manga, and they are graphic novels, so they don t have many words and don t take to long to read But aside from finishing it in one day, it is and interesting series and I might read the others but first I want an actual chapter book first.

  11. This one s good Like, really good It s hysterical.I honestly can t think of anything that I didn t like about it It s got adventure and puzzles, so what s not to love

  12. Un manga magnifico, excelente y original historia y un estilo particular en el dibujo que, sin ser muy estilizado cumple su funci n perfectamente

  13. My first Manga My closest friend is a total anime manga addict She has recommended I start Magi because it s her favorite I have enjoyed this volume a lot It made me laugh The story is building up, and it s quite interesting so far Let s see how it goes

  14. I absolutely love Magi It is super funny and the art style is cute and spot on The story is absolutely amazing Its kind of like Aladdin the Disney movie but its honestly better The characters are funny, its a bit inappropriate but its Manga so what do you expect Anyway, the only difference is that there is bad language some names from the Disney movie is the same like Aladdin, who is on the front cover, and Alibaba, who is his partner with blonde hair Its really fun because of their adventure to [...]

  15. Why is this so popular It s so dumb With most things, I can at least find a character or concept that I liked, even if it wasn t developed or used wellere s nothing here worthwhile.

  16. The Magi The Labyrinth of Magic manga is quite an interesting concept Essentially, it is a mish mash of different Arabian Nights style stories Djinns, Aladdin, Alibaba, so on, are all in the same world and time period in this setting At first, we are given a whimsical adventure, but things become quite epic in short order.Volume One begins with three inter woven threads having to do with the main protagonists, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana Of particular importance is the friendship of Aladdin an [...]

  17. I gotta say, I m pretty surprised at how quickly this series became so serious You d think with the adorable and colorful main characters there would be of a One Piece feel of fooling around and being happy go lucky, but I don t think I remember laughing once after the first few chapters That s not to say that every manga, or indeed every story, needs to have you laughing every chapter although even the few parts that were supposed to be funny were only marginally so , after over fifty plus cha [...]

  18. I got this book for Christmas, I actually added to my wishlist after reading a glowing review of it on the blog It s All Comic to Me This was a very well done Manga, I really enjoyed it and will definitely be reading in the series To date I haven t read a ton of Manga However I have read and loved the Hellsing Manga series, many of the Berserks, and a good portion of the Vampire Game series so I am not a complete Noob Aladdin is a strange young boy, with a super crazy flute He journeys to a new [...]

  19. This manga was as funny as EFF and if for some reason you have never tried or you vehemently dislike reading mangas you should watch the anime plus, it s dubbed I admit I m not a fan of shounen and if it were 2 months ago I would have tossed a are you kidding me face if you so much as recommended a shounen manga to me but after constant persistence to the point where it got annoying I obliged with my big bro who urged me to read it and I read it I do not regret it Because like within 7 minutes I [...]

  20. A shounen manga set in the world of the Arabian Nights, with djinns, magic carpets and turbans, and plenty of colourful characters, Magi is the second of Shinobu Ohtaka s works to be published in English translation the first was Sumomomo Momomo Fresh, clean artwork with attractive character designs not to mention a nice line in chibi, a little reminiscent of Hetalia and a plot that zings along with all the energy and humour required to keep a magic adventure story lively, it s no surprise that [...]

  21. Llegue a conocer el anime de Magi por una recomendaci n, y aunque me tom un poco engancharme, una vez que me atrap no pude dejar de emocionarme con cada cap tulo que ve a, lo que me llevo a desear leer el manga.El dibujo de Shinobu Ohtaka es de gran calidad, tiene partes muy detalladas, el dise o de los personajes es genial y me gusta mucho ese juego entre los gestos serios a divertidos y caricaturescos Los dibujos de Aladd n son mis preferidos por el momento, pero Alibaba y Morgiana no se queda [...]

  22. Standard issue action comedy shonen manga whose perfunctory set up manages to drain anything evocative from its Arabian Nights setting, leaving just the exploitative trimmings Of which there are plenty Shinobu Ohtaka has a great line in comically stylised reaction faces, but when the main source of laughs is our child hero s breast obsession, that doesn t always help.

  23. Quick thoughts A bit disappointing The elements are decent, but the execution is all over the map And the throwaway supporting cast members from the first chapter were much interesting than the recurring ones that showed up from chapter 2 on.

  24. Loved this vol so much not only is it funny as hell but its entertaining and interesting this is a must read this retelling of Aladdin is amazing no wonder why every one likes it

  25. The story starts with a typical young protagonist who tries to seek meaning in his existence I have read than halfway through the volumes and I believe that the foundation of the story in volume 1 could have been better But it just gets better and better and trust me, after the Balbadd arc, it gets extremely good .

  26. Well, a very dear friend introduced me to this manga At first it was just to show me that there was indeed a manga that have Disney s characters but with a total other stories.But I fell right into the trap Now, I want to know what s going on after this first volume And there s a ton of volumes I ll continue reading that s for sure

  27. Read for work I m very much not the target audience and I could have lived without all the titty jokes, but it s reasonably well drawn for a shonen manga.

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