Bleed a River Deep

Unlimited Bleed a River Deep - by Brian McGilloway Unlimited Bleed a River Deep - by Brian McGilloway - Bleed a River Deep, Bleed a River Deep When a controversial US diplomat is attacked during the opening of a Donegal gold mine Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin is disciplined for the lapse in security The gunman turns out to be a young envi

  • Title: Bleed a River Deep
  • Author: Brian McGilloway
  • ISBN: 9780230701366
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Bleed a River Deep - by Brian McGilloway, Bleed a River Deep, Brian McGilloway, Bleed a River Deep When a controversial US diplomat is attacked during the opening of a Donegal gold mine Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin is disciplined for the lapse in security The gunman turns out to be a young environmentalist related to an old friend of Devlin s Within days the killing of an illegal immigrant near the Irish border leads Devlin to a vicious people smuggling ring TWhen a cont

Bleed a River Deep

Unlimited Bleed a River Deep - by Brian McGilloway Unlimited Bleed a River Deep - by Brian McGilloway - Bleed a River Deep, Bleed a River Deep When a controversial US diplomat is attacked during the opening of a Donegal gold mine Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin is disciplined for the lapse in security The gunman turns out to be a young envi Bleed a River Deep

  • Unlimited Bleed a River Deep - by Brian McGilloway
    169Brian McGilloway
Bleed a River Deep

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  1. On the site of the Donegal gold mine, the long buried body of a mummified woman in the peat bog was somewhat of a shock When Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin inspected the site, he had no idea what the find would draw him into Illegal immigrants, people smuggling, murder and organised crime were just some of the problems Ben faced in the coming days But it was the opinion of his superior, Harry Patterson, that Ben was continually getting it wrong and making things worse for everyone else So when [...]

  2. The third book in this highly enjoyable series manages to take in gold mining, industrial pollution, people smuggling and end up with a high body count Once again, Benedict Devlin is faced with the problem of criminals who commit crimes in both the Republic and the North the latter being officially not his jurisdiction a perennial problem when one is based only a short distance from the border.His never ending problems are exacerbated by the fact his old boss, Olly Costello, has now retired, bei [...]

  3. PROTAGONIST Inspector Benedict DevlinSETTING Ireland SERIES 3 of 3RATING 3.5It s hard to imagine that there might be gold in Ireland, but the fact that a man named Ted Coyle found a nugget in the area outside Donegal has sparked a modern day gold rush At the same time, a local company owned by John Weston is opening a gold mine Their figures indicate that the vein is a rich one profitability is sky high The opening of the mine is attended by a US senator, Cathal Hagan, who is an old friend of We [...]

  4. Can t decide if I liked this book or want to read in this series I have the next one, so i ll give it a go The writing was unadorned, which I like, but occasionally drifted towards flat and, even, boring.

  5. set in ireland, meet ben devlin, a dedicated yet human police officer who tries to do his best but sometimes feels stifled by the law a controversial us envoy is attacked at the opening of a donnegal gold mine ben is blamed for letting the attacker thru but then an illegal immigrant is killed near the border and he has the chance to redeem himself he links this death to a people smuggling ring but when another body turns up he begins to suspect that the new mine is hiding something and not gold [...]

  6. First of Brian s books I have came across Started well enough, but by chapter Two we were informed that the Irish Army were using M16 rifles Well, that spoiled it a bit, as even the most dis interested citizen would know that they never were issued the M16 in the history of this state.The IRA did use smuggled Armalite s in.223 Remmington though.The Steyr AUG has been the standard Irish Army rifle for at least twenty years If a teacher from Derry couldn t be bothered to research even this basic f [...]

  7. This is the third adventure of Benedict Ben Devlin a Garda detective inspector, stationed and residing on the borderlands of Ireland In the previous two books as in this one Ben juggles a multitude of cases that all tie together at the end Here Ben attempts to make sense of an assassination attempt of a US Senator, a feeble but deadly bank robbery attempt, a break in at a defense plant, illegal immigration, a fraudulent gold mine and a mysterious and potentially very dangerous ecological disaste [...]

  8. I m not a reader of crime fiction, and I picked this up because it was recommended to me by the NoveList readers advisory database and was recently published I had many preconceived notions of crime fiction, but I didn t think that boring was one of its attributes I just couldn t get into Bleed a River Deep, and none of the characters felt well developed or compelling to me The protagonist of this book, Inspector Devlin, felt flat he didn t seem to have much dimension or internal struggle, despi [...]

  9. 3.5 5 stars While I enjoyed this book, I found quite a few holes in the storyline The extent of Devlin s incompetence as a police officer, and the wreckage he leaves in his wake was completely unbelievable at times If he were truly that horrible at his job, maybe he should resign and find a new career path His communication skills suck when it comes to his wife He wants her to take in Natalia, but instead of explaining her circumstances, he must have just told her she was a prostitute No wonder [...]

  10. Relatively slow moving but well plotted police procedural This is part of a series 3 featuring Ben Devlin He s sort of a renegade cop who goes his own way in cases despite orders from stupid corrupt etc superiors.The setting, the remote border country between Ireland and No Ireland is interesting and presents issues in cross border crime and logistics coordination between the police forces.Here there also is a political element as an Irish american US Senator and local corporate types may be inv [...]

  11. In this third Devlin mystery, McGilloway incorporates environmental issues, American foreign policy, human trafficking, local gang activity, and of course murder He makes use of real issues affecting local people, making Devlin part of a living community He becomes personally invested in the case of an illegal immigrant, literally bringing the problem into his own house, plus, one of the players in the murder case is a childhood friend There s nothing extraordinary about Benedict Devlin, and tha [...]

  12. This is the third book in the series and the third one that I ve read There is much to recommend them, but I just cannot get into Ben Devlin in the same way that I m into Alan Banks, Reg Wexford, Andy Dalziel, Peter Pascoe, John Rebus, Tommy Lynley, Endeavour Morse, Ruth Galloway see, they re not all men , you get the idea I find myself getting annoyed every time I m reminded that Devlin goes to mass on Sundays and has a stay at home wife But he also seems to make lot of mistakes and get a lot o [...]

  13. Enjoyed less that the previous one of his I read, partly I think because there felt to be one plot strand too many and partly because, not for the first time, I feel that the character of Benedict Devlin needs to be much deeply explored He seemed to feel too little about the death of a colleague, his killing of a suspect.While the tying up of the ends was unsatisfactory for Devlin it was refreshing not to have everything tidy at the finish It also jarred to have him repeatedly refer to Natalia [...]

  14. I like this author and enjoyed the book but didn t feel it was up to earlier books standards There were some surprises but really not much mystery There was one character introduced that I am sure we will hear from, again One thing I always like is the interaction between Devlin and his wife They are so obviously in love and have a good marriage Most books in this genre have the police person in a bad or troubled marriage Refreshing difference I will continue to read McGilloway s books even thou [...]

  15. A new series for me, set in Ireland, with a Garda inspector as the main character Inspector Ben Devlin is assigned to guard a former US Senator visiting Ireland on a goodwill type mission When the brother of an old friend stages a protest by shooting at the Senator with a starter s pistol, Devlin is blamed He quickly finds himself investigating human trafficking, smuggling, and possibly a serious environmental hazard connected with an Irish American mining venture.

  16. Picked this one up at random in the Somerville Public Library, and I m glad I did It s really sort of a 3 1 2 star book The whodunit element is not that strong, but two other elements are the insight into social issues like human trafficking, and the character of Inspector Ben Devlin He may be a cop, but he s just a regular guy with a wife, kids, and morals, trying to do what s right and sometimes making things worse in the process, but never quitting.

  17. Superb third volume of the Benedict Devlin series of crime novels, set in the borderlands between southern and nothern Ireland Environment protestors clash with a war mongering US senator on Devlin s turf, and eastern European illegal immigrants get tangled up in the whole thing The character development is central here, but the mystery and action are top notch too.

  18. Not as good as McGilloway s earlier books the plot felt flimsy and the American businessmen and gold mining crusties on which the plot hinges were too thinly drawn almost transparent Also lead character Inspector Devlin was too passive here here to be convincing as a cop A disappointing outing from one of the most promising new Irish crime writers.

  19. This series is very uneven The second book was brilliant, but the first and third are really just ok Devlin kind of bumbles through his cases, and the main case here was kind flat Even though he s a family man and should be very easy to relate to, it s hard to build sympathy for him.I ll check out the next book, but with reservations.

  20. The book is a real page turner, although the plot is kick started by two obvious mistakes made by the protagonist the mistakes are really too obvious, and they ring a little false.The characters are as flat as ever, and I do think there s too much unnecessary blood Incidentally, you can write a thriller with no murder in it, and still make it a good book John Harvey did it.

  21. I enjoy crime fiction and this book doesn t disappoint The environmental and archeological based storyline works well although some of the characterisations are a little weak The relationships within the Inspectors family are always delightful cameos i which offsetting darkness of murder and crime which permeate McGilloways work.

  22. An atmospheric and tightly plotted police thriller involving Garda Inspector Devlin Of this one third in the series I especially liked the look it gave of Devlin s home life Given his profession, his marriage and family relations are happy and functional.

  23. The third and latest entry in a new series I recently discovered I like McGilloway his main character, Benedict Devlin, reminds me of a small town Irish version of Michael Connelly s Harry Bosch, if such a thing is possible Good writing, believable characters and thoroughly entertaining.

  24. A well written book with interesting characters, this book is than a mystery It has elements of intrigue, suspense, romance and great conflict It is a must read especially for those who have been to Ireland and will recognise many of the names mentioned from there.

  25. Maybe I was too distracted while I read this book, but by the end I was still not sure who all the characters were Even so, I might still read the next one in the series because I like the main character.

  26. Enjoyable police procedural McGilloway always makes his readers think twice about the blessing of the Celtic Tiger, and this is no exception Characters were believable and I did not guess the ending at least, mostly Snowpocalypse 2014 plus in bed with a cold, so I finished it in 2 days.

  27. Continuation of a very fine detective series set on the border between Donegal and Derry Strong plot, good character development, and an excellent read Highly recommmended though maybe better to start at book 1

  28. I enjoy this series immensely The Irish setting appeals to me and the author is a good storyteller The only criticism I have is that so many characters are named Peter There s three or four in each book Is Peter really that popular a name in Ireland

  29. I read the previous two books in this series and enjoyed them but now the books are becoming formulaic Devlin hasn t progressed and the story is so predictable Moving on to another series.

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