[PDF] Read ✓ Sociopath : by Lime Craven [PDF] Read ✓ Sociopath : by Lime Craven - Sociopath, Sociopath The name s Aeron Lore And you are Such a pleasure to meet you sweetheart Is that a southern accent Gorgeous You fucking bitch Why so surprised I control a billion dollar fortune I control the news Gi

  • Title: Sociopath
  • Author: Lime Craven
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ Sociopath : by Lime Craven, Sociopath, Lime Craven, Sociopath The name s Aeron Lore And you are Such a pleasure to meet you sweetheart Is that a southern accent Gorgeous You fucking bitch Why so surprised I control a billion dollar fortune I control the news Give me five minutes and I ll control you too If you could read my mind you d probably call me perverted Unnatural Manipulative But I ve learned to blend in toThe name s Aeron Lore And you


[PDF] Read ✓ Sociopath : by Lime Craven [PDF] Read ✓ Sociopath : by Lime Craven - Sociopath, Sociopath The name s Aeron Lore And you are Such a pleasure to meet you sweetheart Is that a southern accent Gorgeous You fucking bitch Why so surprised I control a billion dollar fortune I control the news Gi Sociopath

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Sociopath : by Lime Craven
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  1. I ve had this book sitting on my TBR list for quite some time now I love a dark, disturbing story, so I figured this would be right up my alley Yet, despite the promising blurb and interesting storyline, this one just fell flat for me.Aeron Lore is a great anti hero, in that you love to hate him He s a self proclaimed sociopath, used to manipulating everyone around him in order to get what he wants He s attractive, intelligent, arrogant and uncaring However, to the outside world, he is whatever [...]

  2. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Woah This book totally messed with my mind Even now, as I write my review, I still have no idea what to think But without a doubt was very well written and downright FASCINATING This is a standalone dark romance yes, there is a love story and I m not gonna lie that some parts made me very uncomfortable it s really not for the faint of heart but I found myself SO curious about this guy and the way he looked at the world Here s a taste into the mind of Aeron Lore I control a [...]

  3. 3 You re a HYPOCHONDRIAC not a SOCIOPATH STARSNow I ve given a lot of thought to what exactly went wrong for me while I read this book, and it s come to my attention that from the very beginning this book was never going to make it past the 3 star mark.Why It probably started when the main character, Aeron who is a self diagnosed Sociopath spoke to me the reader His thought process was methodical, shameless and completely selfish He told me how he perceived the world and people around him and qu [...]

  4. FULL REVIEW POSTED 3.5 SOCIOPATH STARS Pain is useless without pleasure One highlights the other, and the tension that simmers between them is the sweetest lines to cross When the word sociopath comes to mind, the first person that automatically pops into my head is none other thanYeap that s right I m a Cumberbitch Well ahem no shit Sherlock.Anyways Sociopaths, psychopaths, serial killers, Dexter Morgan they re all up my damn alley, I love to hate them and I hate to love them except I really lo [...]

  5. Setting New YorkPOVs view spoiler Singular, 1st person except for one chapter hide spoiler Triggers Yes view spoiler Knife play and some dubious consent scenes hide spoiler Aeron Lore is a media mogul Leontine Reeves is an Ivy League graduate who s created something Lore wants Badly.I had such high hopes for this story and really liked Lore s dry humor, abrasive tone, and keen business sense His nonverbal and shady ways of communicating with his businesss adversaries was hilarious When he wasn t [...]

  6. 4 sociopathic starsWell, this was definitely dark and really quite erotic but it s not for the faint at heart as Aeron Lore likes to play hard and right on the edge I guess at the centre of the story is the BIG question can a sociopath ever truly fall in love or is he just self righteously serving himself for his own motivations I ll leave you to decide when you ve read through to the very end because, even though the words are said, I still believe that it s open to interpretation.The story is [...]

  7. Four Seriously F cked Up Stars No Well Sociopath may be your first What a seriously twisted read Sociopath is totally written within the mind of Aeron Lore, a sociopath with deep seated desires he superbly hides from the public A successful, rich owner of several news companies, he s the picture of control, dominance, and success Even down to the warm color of his office, the placement of his mirrors, all a play on making people feel comfortable But enter his mindl bets are off.When I read the b [...]

  8. Genre Dark RomanceType Standalone Book 1 from Sociopath seriesPOV First Person MaleRating Aeron Lore was a highly successful media mogul He credited his success to his ruthless business moves paired with his lack of conscience What he wanted, he ll get it one way or another and his latest ambition was set on a small tech company that will take his empire to the next level.Leontine Reeves was a young owner of the tech company SilentWitn3ss with an idealistic plan for the future She tried to prote [...]

  9. Aeron Lore is a media mogul who clearly exhibits sociopathic tendencies From a young age he knew he was different, but his mother taught him how to camouflage his true cravings in an effort to make Aeron appear normal Of course, being handsome, successful, athletic, wealthy and smart made it a little easier for him to fool people Since Aeron was 17, he hasn t really had the urge to connect with someone until now and Leontine becomes his obsession Knowing his propensities, Aeron is aware that con [...]

  10. Corruption noun acceptance of the fact that nice boys still conduct school shootings, and the best place to find a nice girl is on the end of a bastard s dick Oh my god , this book was a total surprise Ahem , ladies let me introduce to you Aeron fuckin Lore , the self confessed Sociopath Aeron is nasty , Aeron is mean and he is a manupilative son of a bitch Oh but be warned , he can totally fool you into thinking he is your average joe , the yummy guy next door , the prince charming you ve alway [...]

  11. ARC kindly provided by Bare Naked Words and Lime Craven for an honest review Quotes may differ upon publication 4.5 5 BUTTON EYED DOLL STARS LEONTINE AERONObsession eats everything that desire leaves behind.Aeron Lore seems to be a normal business man that works to quench his desire to make money However, the gentleman facade he puts up is definitely not who he is He hates the beige color of his walls, yet he keeps it because its what other people like It makes his office comfortable, in turn w [...]

  12. Watch, grasshoppers, and learn Genre Cover 7 10Writing 8 10Heroine Hero Humour 4 10Hotness Romance Extra book Details Hero POV 1st person Approx 400 pages Stand alone.When self confessed Sociopath and multiple News corp owner, Aeron, wants to buy out Leontine s little tech firm SilentWitn3ss aka Instagram for the news , he finds himself with a new obsession There are men who collect hearts I collect heart shaped asses They taste better when you bite them, see bleed , too, depending on where you [...]

  13. 2.0 I Am Fucking Confused StarsI am gonna keep this rant short and sweet, since I have a feeling that I will end up talking bout too much unrelated stuff if I don t restrict myself.So back to the book, seriously, I have no problem at all with the plot Some people might focus on emotionally, I might add that Aeron freaking contradicts himself by being like a non sociopath but I won t comment on that because of a few reasons 1 I am not an expert on or a doctor that treats or a researcher that has [...]

  14. For reviews please visit sizzlingpages Every once in a while I enjoy a dark read Sociopath satisfied my urges and left me thinking I am still reeling from the side affects Lime Craven seriously screwed with my head This was a dark, twisted, nail biting angsty tale laced with several characters that exhibit disturbing behavioral issues It is not a read for the faint of heart and if triggers turn you off, heed the disclaimer before diving in There is a goodly amount of situations that may be cons [...]

  15. SIGNED PAPERBACK GIVEAWAY zakirrahsbookblog 4 Mindfuck Stars This book is brilliant Had me at the synopsis I mean look at it doesn t it sound like a awesome book Doesn t it intrigue you Well it totally made me want to get my hands on it since I love a dark twisted read.Everyone needs a good mindfuck once in a while Trust Noun the warm, fuzzy realisation that you have way too much dirt on someone for them to fuck you over.This is Lime Craven s debut novel and I m totally impressed.Bravo Lime Crav [...]

  16. i might be not in the mood,but im just not feeling it, i was scimimng and feeling,oh so bored,plus i need maybe a shorter read for awhile,cause 264 paigies cant take it in,plus the pace is snale slow and im not conected to plot or charecters,will continue in a few weeks or so

  17. Not as dark as I expected, but yet still shockingly honest and amazing The entire story besides the epilogue is in Aerons POV and I personally think not getting anything from Leontines perspective is what makes the story so intriguing Everytime time you think you got it all figured out, it comes out that you re wrong again, and there was no way that I was going to put it down.

  18. Advance Readers Copy ARC given and provided for my blog by Bare Naked WordsTitle Sociopath Author Lime CravenGenre Dark Romance Pages Source eArcRelease Date Octomber 23, 2014Rating 3.5 starsI love me some dark reads It s like I crave it I crave fucked up hero s.And this book was just that I enjoyed it but I didn t love it I kinda wish it was in Dual POV I would have loved went on in Leo s mind.I found that there was some a lot of detail in some areas others and not in others Longer review to co [...]

  19. 3.5 stars D She had the gun.She had the secret.But who s leaving with all the power Me.I place the gun on the beech table beside her two phones and her keys, and let myself out to the strange music of her sobs.Leontine Reeves didn t hunt me down to punish me.Dirty little bitch wants me to punish her.

  20. 4 My mind is numb stars brain hurts after reading this bookI d like to say that I will be writing a review on this book but I literally cannot wrap my head around what I just read This was one of the HARDEST books i have ever had to review Putting my thoughts into exactly how I feel at the moment just isn t possiblewill definitely need to come back to this another day

  21. WTH I must say this is one of the few books I have read and loved without reading the blurb What a strange, mindfucking ride This is dysfunction at its best Love is just a scar you can t see I will miss Aeron A LOT He is a very strong character and you can t help but hate and love him at the same time He is Dark and he won t change.A brilliant Debut for Lime Craven Can t wait to read .By the way, If you want to read something different, one click this crazy bastard.

  22. SOCIOPATH is OUT NOW You can buy at right here The book is also available at iTunes and BN Yay You can also read the first chapter on my website limecravenauthor SOC you ll find a newsletter sign up on the home page, too.Happy reading

  23. 5 Mindfucking starsHoly hell Trust noun the warm, fuzzy realization that you have way too much dirt on someone for them to fuck you over.Now this book was something else I can t even describe it It was just mindfuckingly awesome I started this book with high hopes, and I am very pleased to say that I am so not disappointed Miss Craven did not make it all about romance She stayed to the heart of the issue, and she totally nailed it.We have Aeron, a media mogul, and a self proclaimed sociopath, wh [...]

  24. WOW I m not even sure how begin to tell you how much I loved this book There were a bunch of things I loved about it, first of all I loved the way it was written I read a statement where Ms Craven said it is written in a stream of consciousness style It s meant to read as though Aeron is talking directly to you This is brilliant, because let me tell you, being inside Aeron s mind is one hell of a fucked up crazy fun ride He is amazingly intelligent, with no conscience whatsoever and that makes h [...]

  25. 3.5 starsSociopath is the debut release for author Lime Craven It was the title that caught my attention I m into books like this where the psychological aspect is as important as everything else While the book isn t perfect, it doesn t come across as many debut books do as obvious first efforts I enjoyed watching Aeron manipulate people for his own amusement and ends cause I m messed up like that His twisted POV and dark humor appealed to me from start to finish The author managed to slip in a [...]

  26. 3.5 at least the end was a surprise starsWas it dark Eh He had a penchant for cutting during sex Beyond that, he liked to talk a lot about his lack of empathy and how this made him a psychopath While this was entertaining at first, it dragged after a while Now, if I had to rate just the last third of this book, it would be a solid five stars, provided you could overlook the grammar issues That being said, the ending was phenomenal and it was worth wading through the somewhat repetitive first hal [...]

  27. Wow This book is crazy and twisted and all sorts of wrong and right mixed into one I need to let it sink in before I can really process everything VERY well written and extremely smart, a bizarre, dark and oddly sweet romance that will leave you feeling things that you can t describe One of a kind.

  28. I love dark and this sounded great so I gave it a try The writing was really good, but the story just wasn t for me I can t explain it Slow moving maybe I don t know I just felt the story kind of dragged on and at times went in circles That s not to say someone else wouldn t love it just wasn t for me.

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