[PDF] Daring | by ✓ Elliott James [PDF] Daring | by ✓ Elliott James - Daring, Daring Sharp sarcastic and efficiently lethal John Charming would feel right at home having drinks with Dean Winchester and Harry Dresden DARING the second book in the Pax Arcana series is just as addic

  • Title: Daring
  • Author: Elliott James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Daring | by ✓ Elliott James, Daring, Elliott James, Daring Sharp sarcastic and efficiently lethal John Charming would feel right at home having drinks with Dean Winchester and Harry Dresden DARING the second book in the Pax Arcana series is just as addicting as the first THE WEREWOLVES HAVE A NEW LEADERAND HE CANNOT BE STOPPED Something is rotten in the state of Wisconsin Werewolf packs are beinSharp sarcastic and efficiently lethal John Ch


[PDF] Daring | by ✓ Elliott James [PDF] Daring | by ✓ Elliott James - Daring, Daring Sharp sarcastic and efficiently lethal John Charming would feel right at home having drinks with Dean Winchester and Harry Dresden DARING the second book in the Pax Arcana series is just as addic Daring

  • [PDF] Daring | by ✓ Elliott James
    159Elliott James

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  1. That s me I am very sad I loved Charming and gave it four stars My review is here What happened with this one There s nothing wrong with the writing, but the pacing and the plot was a big old dud for me First off, the original gang from book one was gone John goes off on some werewolf investigation Okay So I thought maybe a sexy new werewolf would be introduced.No These werewolves are stupid It was like an Alcoholics Anonymous support group or something None of them knew how to be a werewolf The [...]

  2. 4.5 Ohhhh, I loved this one First, the bad parts Well, I still can t say I love Sig, and I can t give a book 5 stars knowing that I can t fully love both protagonists 4.5 though is damn close After the previous book I still had some hope left, but well, she s just not my style of heroine.But enough about her, let s talk about that Charming guy Gah, as I ve said before, my absolute weakness is a sarcastic, alpha, highly intelligent guy Oh, and funny, did I forget to mention that Well, John has th [...]

  3. What a let down.This took everything I loved about the first book and shat all over it This was a filler story John s band of misfits was hardly in this at all.This is a book about how everyone wants to use John, and he s naive enough to let them do it, again and again It makes me sad that he wants to belong somewhere so badly that he will let people use and abuse him He s meant to be a badass, I m not supposed to be feeling sorry for him If you like reading about werewolf politics and a whole b [...]

  4. 3.5 Dare to be Charmed StarsJohn Charming is from a long line of Charmings, but that doesn t make him a Prince Right now he is quite an outcast John is running away from The Knights Templar who want to kill him, avoiding his friends and Sig, a woman he might love so they don t get killed and trying to deal with the ever conflicting instincts between his werewolf nature, his own Templar training and a geas magical compulsion to protect the Pax Arcana a magical curtain of sorts Currently he is str [...]

  5. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2014 11 12 bGiven my heavy reading load and lack of time, this book almost didn t make it onto my review list I enjoyed its predecessor Charming, though as a first book in an urban fantasy series it was probably a bit too standard and conventional to be truly memorable But UFs are generally quick reads, not to mention I realize some series do need a bit of time to take off, so I was than willing to give Pax Arcana another shot with Daring.The book [...]

  6. Reviewed by Rabid Reads.I was left with mixed feelings when I finished CHARMING a few months ago I liked John s character, Roger Wayne s narration, and the author s quirky writing style, but the love interest, and info dumps were definite cons However, when I read DARING s blurb and discovered that the werewolves were going to be front and center in round two, I just knew that this series deserved a second chance And, even though I didn t love this installment either, it was along the lines of [...]

  7. Review of audiobook edition narrated by Roger Wayne, first posted at Badass Book Reviews.If I were to follow this author s penchant for naming chapters, I would call this review Between a rock and a hard place Because that s exactly where John Charming finds himself in this book Daring had everything that was missing from the first book a main character that was clearly in charge, a worthy villain with a horrible plan which you don t know until almost the end , lots of interesting new characters [...]

  8. I ll keep this simple if you liked the first, chances are that you ll like this one, too And if you haven t read the first, do so.Not that this one is formulaic by any means For one, Sig is absent for most of the book for reasons that make complete sense even if they re a little frustrating As much as I loved Sig, John being on his own for most of this book worked out very well If nothing else, it gave me a better baseline for what John is like on his own and how he really is a subtle leader and [...]

  9. 1.5 starsThe computers were down at work today, so there was nothing to do My choices were to read this book or stare at the wall I seriously considered staring at the wall as my best option.Charming was good, different, and fun, but this wasn t any of those things I knew going into this that the side characters from Charming wouldn t be in it, so I didn t expect it to be as good I hadn t expected it to be so bad either John acted like an idiot repeatedly He tried to make peace with the knights [...]

  10. Just as much fun as the first one John Charming is back, snarky as ever, with a whole new bunch of enemies, friends, and friends who might turn out to be enemies A new super pack of werewolves is causing trouble for the knights, so all of a sudden John, the knight turned werewolf, is no longer persona non grata He might be the only one that can infiltrate the new pack but once in, John has to decide whose side he s really on.Some great action, a lot of laughs, and a story that never slows down T [...]

  11. Hits the mark for the snappy one linersDaring is the second novel in the Pax Arcana urban fantasy series Enjoyable and mostly face paced these books have been full of snarky humor Indeed you ll get a snappy chapter title everytime The lead character John is full of piss and vinegar and if he isn t giving that to another character then he s giving it to you via his inner dialogue.Not necessary for you to have read the first bookBecause of the way this book starts up, with one of the most entertai [...]

  12. If I have time, I ll write a full review Roger Wayne does a great job of putting his own spin on this story I m not sure if I could listen to this series narrated by anyone else It s nice to dive into a story without reading the blurb and become immediately engaged by the tale The first book in the series set a fun stage for a tale full of snark, sparks and adventures This one ended up being much than I had expected and took a few twists that made the story richer.

  13. Even though I loved the first book in the Pax Arcana series and awaited this one with bated breath, I still resisted purchasing it when it was released Why Purely financial reasons It cost too much But, after wallowing around and suffering through too many successive paranormal romances, I was forced to re evaluate and finally jumped in and made the purchase I don t regret it.From the very beginning and by that I mean the re cap of the awesome first book, Charming it made me smile I breathed a H [...]

  14. Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.With DARING, the second book in the Pax Arcana series, Elliott James becomes an urban fantasy author to watch DARING manages to take everything I liked about book one and keep it, chuck everything I hated, and not come across as a sopho slump It s a surprisingly good read that really steps up the series.The first time around, in CHARMING, John s narration was very distracting and off putting for me This time around, it s toned down, so there s less add [...]

  15. Daring absolutely rocks Do not think that means all is blue skies and daisies, because John Charming s life is not the poster child for happily ever after People die in Daring some are bad people, some are really evil people, some are people doing their job, and some are people you learn to like I was totally surprised by the twists, and I did not want to stop reading to go to bed Readers should know there are no slow spots, so getting to sleep when I stopped was difficult because my brain was s [...]

  16. I enjoyed the second book in this series even than the first There was a lot of history and background that was caught up in this one The second half of the story was where the adventure and excitement were at Great book, ready for the next one.

  17. Solid continuation of the John Charming story, learned a little about his back story in this one and also met some new characters who I hope we will see of in the future.Loved John s scenes with the Templars, I was hoping for of a glimpse into their society in this one You hear about all these different factions within their group each with their own stance on how to handle the supernatural but sadly we never get to find out before wolves are at the door.So this one focuses a lot on the wer [...]

  18. I m enjoying these Pax Arcana books This is the second in the series and I am still amused at the punnerific chapter titles and how James continually plays with tropes in the genre John Charming has gone willingly to the Knights Templar to be questioned When he provides clear and controvertible proof of his good motives, he is tasked with spying on and assassinating the new leader of the werewolf clans in the midwest He resists this order, but ends up with the werewolf clans anyway This gives hi [...]

  19. Pax Arcana 2Set shortly after the events in the previous book The author immediately takes the opportunity to do the background dump he hadn t managed before There is a somewhat large cast of characters, but they are at least usually grouped together, timeline wise Still, I got a little mixed up, especially with the ones who hadn t been mentioned in a while John isn t making stupid hormone based decisions in this one, so he wasn t as frustrating He still has Harry Dresden disease an overblown se [...]

  20. Rating 4.0This book was a little better than the first book There was not as much talk about romance in this book, though there was some I think that angle was overplayed in the first book, but it worked well in this book There was background on the Knights and John s past and werewolves were the prominent story line in this book and they were hardly mentioned in the first book It is interesting how John does not fit into the werewolf world or the knight world and yet he is a part of both How d [...]

  21. The sense of humor in these books is awesome I love it The stories are pretty good too, but the wry, tongue in cheek ridiculous comments and statements make me laugh Love it I might need to read these again some day.The action is fast, I got a little lost with names and who they belonged to, but I wasn t lost for too long Though while there is humor, there is a lot of death and destruction and bad guys And you kind of don t know who is bad and who isn t So, that is fun too.If you like urban fant [...]

  22. Originally published at Reading RealityAlthough I read Daring before Fearless, I m posting it after I ll be packing for WorldCon in Spokane when this posts, and frankly, I needed to have stuff pre done for as much of this week as possible Let s face it, the odds on my managing to write up reviews and prep posts while at Sasquan are virtually nil And so they should be.But about this bookDaring is the second book in the Pax Arcana, and it helps to have read the first book, the surprisingly terrifi [...]

  23. After the battle with the vampires, John said he would be leaving He needed to figure out what to do about the Knights, and try to make them see that he still upholds the Pax Arcana even though he is part werewolf The Knights have other ideas Like using his friends as leverage against him Meanwhile, werewolves from all over are coming together, and Knights are dying as a result Who will he side with, the wolves or the knights I really enjoyed this book Never a dull moment, and lots of humor spri [...]

  24. Posted at Yummy Men Kick Ass ChicksDaring is the second book in Elliott James Pax Arcana series Even with a 4star review, I placed Charmed, the first book of the series, on my favorite reads of 2013 list I LOVED John s voice and how he completely drew me into his world and his storytelling I m giving Daring 4stars as well even though I can t say I feel as excited about this book as I did the first This book is SO different from the first book, it really is hard to compare.How is Daring completel [...]

  25. You know how sequel is nothing you expected to read, but it s so logical you have no idea how it didn t come to you That happened to me with this book.I am not sure even whybut it s like we got familiar with setting we got to know this whole group of secondary characters that are written to stayyou know,they are part of series we got romantic interest and relationship we were totally immersed intoBut all that was shifted and I feel like rug was pulled under my feet since story was relocated to a [...]

  26. Avis tir de mon blog Un tome qui reste agr able lire et qui se centre totalement sur le personnage principal dans le but d approfondir son background et de le faire voluer mais qui malheureusement n arrive toujours pas vraiment faire passer la s rie au niveau sup rieur.Juste apr s avoir lu ce tome j avais un avis assez mitig et j tais assez proche de le descendre puis je me suis aper us en crivant l avis du dessus que dans October Daye aussi le second tome tait d tach du reste et assez moyen mai [...]

  27. Daring is the sequel to Charming, of the Pax Arcana series And I couldn t wait to get my hands on Daring I was on my library s request list for it before the release date I wasn t surprised to find myself in love with Daring, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved it for very different reasons.So far, this series has been my first and only foray into adult urban fantasy, but I m so glad that I ve found this genre The main character, John Charming, has been dealt a rather hard hand i [...]

  28. This series is a romp A big, funny, action filled romp There are so many things I like about these booksLOVE about these books The narrator and John Charming, for instance as perfect a hero as I can envision He s hilarious and irreverent, and he s a master of one liners and understatement, but he s also a very good hero He s righteous and ridiculously brave, and he s not afraid to love, or to risk all, or to be hurt Of course, he IS a werewolf, so that may not sound all that noble considering th [...]

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