Forgiveness 4 You

☆ Forgiveness 4 You ☆ Ann Bauer ☆ Forgiveness 4 You ☆ Ann Bauer - Forgiveness 4 You, Forgiveness You At once a brilliant satire set in the world of advertising and a serious reckoning with religion the remarkable new novel by the author of The Forever Marriage Forgiveness You is a startlingly cont

  • Title: Forgiveness 4 You
  • Author: Ann Bauer
  • ISBN: 9781468310238
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Forgiveness 4 You ☆ Ann Bauer, Forgiveness 4 You, Ann Bauer, Forgiveness You At once a brilliant satire set in the world of advertising and a serious reckoning with religion the remarkable new novel by the author of The Forever Marriage Forgiveness You is a startlingly contemporary novel about faith and religion in an America addicted to quick fixes and instant gratification Gabriel McKenna is an ex Catholic priest and with his quiet job at aAt once a

Forgiveness 4 You

☆ Forgiveness 4 You ☆ Ann Bauer ☆ Forgiveness 4 You ☆ Ann Bauer - Forgiveness 4 You, Forgiveness You At once a brilliant satire set in the world of advertising and a serious reckoning with religion the remarkable new novel by the author of The Forever Marriage Forgiveness You is a startlingly cont Forgiveness 4 You

  • ☆ Forgiveness 4 You ☆ Ann Bauer
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Forgiveness 4 You

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  1. Father forgive me, for I lost interest in this book about 50% of the way in Kooky business concept, characters are flat and lifeless Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  2. We received an ARC at the bookstore where I worked, and I figured it s always good to read books about bookstores although the bookstore aspect does not feature all that heavily here Basically, I really enjoyed this book The cast of characters was diverse and fairly complex Because there were so many characters in the book, the characterizations did not run as deeply as I probably prefer, but that s neither here nor there I was also surprised to find myself enjoying the narrative jumps, between [...]

  3. With its digitally text styled title, and a breezy summary, Forgiveness 4 You had me prepared for an oddball juxtaposition of forgiveness for hire, easy Internet access and the perverse interplay with the advertising world of creating a virtually ridiculous and money making product Well, the elements were there, but the mash up didn t quite add up to hilarity Quite different, and thought provoking instead Ex priest Gabe McKenna is overcome with a hidden guilt from his youth, which leaches into a [...]

  4. How can we find forgiveness without all the confusion, messiness, of religion Enter Gabe, who even as an ex priest continues to exhibit a talent for listening to people s deepest secrets, and then offering them absolution One customer in the bookstore where Gabe works avails herself of his kind ear, and has the inspiration to make Gabe s talent commercial an idea that soon is gathering momentum and supporters in her advertising firm This book is a gentle satire on our current fast paced world, w [...]

  5. What a great send up of our commercial culture A former priest still has a gift for eliciting confessions from the people he meets and for providing forgiveness that is meaningful to them One of these people happens to be the owner of an ad agency, and she sees potential for a first of its kind for profit business Forgiveness 4 You Funny, and in the end, heart warming.

  6. a razor sharp satire grounded by fully developed, sympathetic characters Ann Bauer is a great writer.

  7. A fairly young ex priest, Gabe McKenna, is at the center of this novel and, no, it doesn t have anything to do with abuse of children Gabe didn t realize how much he relied on the church for most of life s necessities housing, clothes, meals, a purpose and he s struggling with these things while working in a small bookstore While there he meets a female ad exec who confesses to him during their conversation and feels she has been absolved as the conversation ends She then comes up with the idea [...]

  8. I would have liked stories of people asking for forgiveness I was concerned that the ex priest would be involved in this venture It didn t seem like a good fit at all I really liked him as a character Couldn t really get a handle on Madeline but liked Isaac Good for Joy s parents What a piece of work she wasScott never had a chance From Gabriel McKenna is an ex Catholic priest, and with his quiet job at a quiet bookstore, he is slowly rebuilding his life But even at the bookstore, people from a [...]

  9. I loved this book Brilliant The characters were very likeable and familiar The topic, forgiveness, something I think most people want and need, as well as want to know how to do I loved the concept introduced by the author in this digital age, I could see this actually happening I have a background in PR, so the depiction of the agency world was spot on And, at the core of it, it helped me examine why I believe what I believe and solidified my faith Well done.

  10. Gabriel, a former Catholic priest who works in a bookstore, finds that people are still drawn to confess to him and that he is inclined to listen When Gabriel senses a customer s distress on one of the many slow days at the store, he invites her to sit and talk Out of this kind gesture, an entire enterprise is born because Madeline, the woman who confides in him, is an ad exec who needs a win After being comforted by her conversation with Gabriel, she decides to package and sell non religious fo [...]

  11. This was compellingly incongruent Bauer s writing is snappy, effortless and at times funny but it s a surprisingly serious meditation on forgiveness and redemption, and how to reconcile oneself to the concept of grace Almost wish I didn t read it so fast.

  12. In Forgiveness 4 You, Ann Bauer has given us a witty and, in many ways, sweet examination of faith and absolution It raises questions about religion, commercialism, our advertising obsessed world, and, ultimately, how we figure out who we are.Ex priest Gabriel McKenna is a babe in this world For much of his life, the church has clothed him, fed him, sheltered him Now, he is on his own, selling books in a quiet bookstore Still, people are compelled to confess their guilty secrets to him.When adve [...]

  13. 3.5I received this book for free through First Reads.This story is told mainly through a fictional priest with his own troubled past who left the Catholic Church when he became disillusioned He settles down to work in a bookshop, but, for some reason, strangers still seek him out to confess their transgressions A troubled advertising agency executive thinks people would line up and pay for the ability to confess their sins to him and so begins the startup of Forgiveness4You The vision for Forgiv [...]

  14. This was recommended to me by my sister in law, otherwise, I am not sure I would have thought to read it It was interesting, unique and entertaining during the first to middle part of it, but, like good books do, it made me reach deeper into my own thoughts and feelings about the subject matter It evoked the gamut of feelings from feeling like I needed to defend Catholicism when I felt the characters were being too hard on the Church, to humor, empathy and finally, in the end, elation I loved ho [...]

  15. I am only on page.166 but I feel like certain people do get a kick out of ruining things, causing problems or try to destroy people s lives What for Something must be wrong with them Yes, they were harsh on the addict I am glad he stayed as a priest True story or not, I am glad that we changed people s lives I will never correct my profile I am glad I did it I grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and Lutheran I had one parent of each They were allowed to be married as long as their child childre [...]

  16. I received this book for free from First Reads.When I entered the drawing, it was because I was fascinated by the concept.Why would anyone pay for absolution when there are so many ways to get it for free Even if you aren t Catholic, you can ask the minister, or leader of whatever affiliation you are to hear your story and offer forgiveness on behalf of God.You can pray to whoever you pray to and ask for forgiveness.This book did not disappoint me I m not sure I still understand why anyone would [...]

  17. I read about this book in the Washington Post Book Review and immediately started to read it I was not disappointed The story unfolds in interesting ways and shows how people come to certain points in their lives in which the right path is not chosen Forgiveness plays a role yet it doesn t change the story of the choices made and how individuals live afterwards The book offers a fun mix of writing styles by mixing in memos and emails at the end of several chapters Overall, a great blend of chara [...]

  18. For me, something was off putting For the first 50 or so pages, I was delighted and intrigued with the story line and thought this was going to be a winner But then the satire dropped off and the story grew tiresome for me I m a churchy person and find when an author tries to weave theology into a work of fiction that the results are often too obvious and definitely not compelling That was true for me in this book I skimmed the last pages not really caring what happened to Gabe although the endi [...]

  19. I d expected not to like this book so much The concept seemed cheesy and likely anti religion But it turned out to be a much thoughtful and insightful story than the publisher s blurb suggested The prose isn t always beautiful, and some of the characters are a bit stereotypical or flat, but the most important character is complex and interesting, and there was enough good writing to keep me engaged I read it in one day that s how engaged I was Glad I picked it up It s left me feeling positive a [...]

  20. I enjoyed this book It was an interesting concept and I was satisfied that it was executed in a way that didn t make it gimmicky or heavy handed I m not sure what I was expecting, but I thought Bauer s use of 1st person narration and then interspersing the book with emails and chats from other characters was an effective way to tell the story Interesting sort of meta conversation about executing the commercial forgiveness business in a respectful way.Looking forward to of her work.

  21. An intriguing premise and witty, entertaining book Complete strangers seem to unburden themselves to an ex priest named Gabe and feel happier after telling him their troubles After having a heart to heart talk with Gabe, ad agency owner named Madeline umm, Magdalen sees a potential business in allowing people to confess their troubles without guilt, penance, religion, or psychology Gabe is very attracted to Madeline and genuinely wants to help people so he allows himself to be drawn into the sch [...]

  22. I really loved this book from the first page Very well done satire with a lot of heart behind it The complex characters and all of their imperfections would make this a wonderful choice for a book club This is an interesting look at the Catholic confession and what it means to the church and for people in general At the same time, although this is satire, she is still respectful of the church Highly recommend

  23. I very much liked the priest s character, but the other characters did not seem very well developed At times the story is written through email memos, which weren t always clear to me The forgiveness business sounds like a business that could thrive The story seemed somewhat incomplete to me As an aside, the Kindle version of this book cost than the hardback than 20 A short book Certainly overpriced.

  24. Gabe a former Priest has the knack for listening to peoples problems and giving them direction or forgiveness Madeline confesses her sins to Gabe and after she is absolved she starts to wonder if this might be a business model Interesting read about forgiveness half the book told in memo s or emails i found that annoying.

  25. Forgiveness 4 You is probing, startlingly honest, and remarkably empathic Ann Bauer s scrutiny of hunger for absolution crossing into the fearsome unbounded web, where religion goes online, and advertisers attempt to monetize the process, provides strong answers suffused with compassion This story is as captivating and strikingly written as it is provocative I inhaled this novel

  26. Ann Bauer has done it again, giving readers a compelling novel about complex relationships From parenting Wild Ride Up the Cupboards to marriage The Forever Marriage and now to God Forgiveness 4 You is a thoughtful and witty examination of faith in ourselves and in each other Highly recommend.

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