The Golden Road

The Golden Road Best Download || [L.M. Montgomery] The Golden Road Best Download || [L.M. Montgomery] - The Golden Road, The Golden Road When Sara Stanley the Story Girl returns to Carlisle to spend the winter with the King family she comes up with a great idea

  • Title: The Golden Road
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9780553213676
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback

The Golden Road Best Download || [L.M. Montgomery], The Golden Road, L.M. Montgomery, The Golden Road When Sara Stanley the Story Girl returns to Carlisle to spend the winter with the King family she comes up with a great idea

The Golden Road

The Golden Road Best Download || [L.M. Montgomery] The Golden Road Best Download || [L.M. Montgomery] - The Golden Road, The Golden Road When Sara Stanley the Story Girl returns to Carlisle to spend the winter with the King family she comes up with a great idea The Golden Road

  • The Golden Road Best Download || [L.M. Montgomery]
    384L.M. Montgomery
The Golden Road

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  1. I like the Story Girl, but the theme of The Golden Road is so great Montgomery called childhood the golden road , and in this, Bev the grown up narrator was able to pinpoint the time when they were all just about to leave the golden road The children only had a small hint at the time that something was about to change, but the adult, looking back, knows It s one of those Montgomery books that strikes you while you re reading it as a child, but really reaches you when you read it as an adult And [...]

  2. SNIFFFF I m getting sentimental reading this book.What I love 1 THOSE KIDS I love them Dan, annoying as ever, Felicity, bossy as ever, Cecily, sweet as ever, Peter, lovely as ever, Sara Ray crying, as ever , Beverly, Felix, and The Story Girl I love these WHY DO THEY GROW UP Nooooo I consider this ending a sad one, you know.2 Their magazine THEIR MAGAZINE I love their magazine It s the funniest thing ever My favourite section is Cecily fashion bit I love that And the commentary of the kids ALL T [...]

  3. It was a delightful book, I thought it had a little depth than the first one, though I couldn t say which one is best, it was maybe a little less cheerful, and I thought it so sad how it ended, just the last words I really enjoyed reading about the love story of the Awkward Man I really liked the theme of growing up, and how Beverly says that when we are young, we walk the Golden Road.

  4. Saya tidak pernah mengira buku klasik bisa membuat saya tertawa Menyentuh, mungkin Indah, bisa jadi Bertele tele, kadang begitu Tapi siapa sangka bab bab awal buku ini saja sudah membuat saya tertawa, dan akhirnya tamat dalam satu hari Berkat terjemahan yang apik, kisah anak anak Carlisle ini jadi terasa hidup dan lucu dalam bahasa Indonesia nya Celetukan celetukan mereka serta balas membalas ejekan di antara mereka sungguh menghibur, walaupun saya jadi makin sebal sama Felicity yang sok paling [...]

  5. dapat buku ini di acara bookwar Festival Pembaca Indonesia 2011Ada kejadian lucu pas aku dapet buku ini, lucu bagi aku, tapi mungkin menyebalkan buat delisa ma palsay hehehehe pukpuk maaf yah hihihihiJadi pas aku menjauhi meja bookwar seudah dapet buku ini, tiba2 denger ada yang teriak, Kak Mute curaaaaaaaaang Pas nengok ternyata delisa lagi mencak2 aku pikir itu karena dia ngincer buku ini, reaksi aku perasaan cuma kasih senyuman manis aja tanpa rasa bersalahSeudah bookwar selesai aku ketemu de [...]

  6. Oh, Maud, your characters live and breathe, beautiful and funny They stay with me like no others Gorgeous descriptions as usual, and I really love all the little stories woven into the children s adventures, which are all both hilarious and poignant The children bicker a lot, but it s obvious they are all fond of each other I was touched by Felicity s sorrow at the Story Girl s departure I particularly like the love story of the Awkward Man, and the characters Peg Bowen and Uncle Blair These thr [...]

  7. I liked The Golden Road better than The Story Girl It was touching, sweet and funny and had depth than the first volume Beverly was still the least tangible personality of the lot but not as much as before and I rather liked him as a narrator, fondly looking back at his childhood, this time Maybe it helped that I was familiar with the characters before and I guess I should reread The Story Girl some time, as I enjoyed reading The Golden Road that much.

  8. The King cousins and Peter decide to publish a magazine Beverly is the editor and everyone else writes a particular section The magazine features an editorial, a work of fiction, personals, an etiquette and household department, and fashion notes This endeavor helps them endure the dreary winter months Other adventures beckon as well One day, while Uncle Alec and Aunt Janet are away, a woman comes to visit They assume that she is their Great Aunt Eliza Knowing that she is deaf, Dan makes various [...]

  9. The Golden Road is even episodic than The Story Girl, perhaps, and maybe that s why I took a fairly long time reading it, returning to it every now and then when I felt like this kind of reading I loved it, nevertheless, the stories that were at times heartwarming, at times wistful or even scary, but always have that combination of life and beauty which is characteristic of Montgomery There s a bittersweet air of the end of childhood, with the narrator Beverley looking back to those years from [...]

  10. It took me a while while reading The Story Girl , but by now I have fully warmed up to the Kings, who are a lovely bunch, all of them Each child s distinctive personality comes through beautifully in this book, and they re such fun I thoroughly enjoyed this story, which is just a long homage to childhood and growing up in PEI I actually think it s one of the funniest LMM books I ve read, the newspaper editions in particular I always looked forward to Maud Montgomery has done it again, making me [...]

  11. I was worried sick about poor, sweet Cecily I skipped to the end because I couldn t stand it I had to find out what happened to her I thought the Peg Bowen character was a nice and creepy touch At the beginning, I thought it would turn she was really just a good and misunderstand old lady, but Montgomery really made her into a hag of sorts.

  12. Few books capture the innocence of childhood as do the works of L.M Montgomery I loved her books as a little girl, and I love them still now This one ends bittersweet childhood innocence giving way to adulthood.

  13. Typical fare of L M Montgomery wordy Victorian nonsense Not the worst book I ve read, but not my cup of tea.

  14. I got this free from the bookshop I volunteer at, it wasn t until I looked it up at home that I found out this was book 2 I knew I d be a lil lost reading this, but since it took place over winter, I wanted to read it this time of year Then I found out it s from the same author as Anne of Green Gables, which was pretty cool, because I ve been wanting to read those When it said this was written for kids in the golden road of youth, i was thinking that s def not me, and wishing I d known about it [...]

  15. Reread, 2nd Review, 7 February 2016 Lama berselang, kita semua pernah menapakkan kaki di sebuah jalan indah keemasan Jalanan lebar penuh kenangan, bersaput bayang bayang dan bermandikan sinar mentari setiap kelokan dan turunan menyajikan pesona segar dan keindahan baru bagi hati yang penuh semangat dan mata yang belum banyak melihat.Mungkin jalan keemasan itu telah lama kita tinggalkan, akan tetapi kenang kenangannya adalah yang paling berharga di antara harta milik kita yang abadi The Golden Ro [...]

  16. This book is perfectly fine It s charming at times The characters are likeable, but I don t know It s not as good as The Story Girl The characters aren t particularly well developped for the most part Well, not all of them I would say that neither Felix nor Sara Ray are strictly necessary I just, I wanted of the relationships between the children I felt like some of that was lost in the second half of this book It s again about the same group of eight children as the Story Girl.In this, I did f [...]

  17. The Golden Road is the magical and melancholy sequel to The Story Girl, in which Bev, Dan, Cecily, Sara Ray, Sara Stanley, and Carlisle s other colorful characters return for misadventures L.M Montgomery s writing is lovely and evocative as usual, though it sometimes crosses over into purple prose territory, especially in Blair Stanley s elaborate verbal observations The characters are lovable as ever though Felix is quite a flat character and doesn t really do much of anything , the atmosphere [...]

  18. I did not like this one as much as I did the first I still enjoyed reading about the escapades and adventures, and the magazine was so stinkin amazing But I felt like LMM threw in too many 1 philosophical dissertations about the golden road of childhood or something that I skipped, 2 nature scenes even though they were nice and 3 what s with the foreshadowing that never even happens in the book Like seriously, it s not even a spoiler because it s blatantly written all over every chapter CECILY I [...]

  19. Oh, I sooo enjoyed this sequel to The Story Girl Both of them together create the most delightful of books Now that I ve finished reading it, I feel sad to leave my new friends behind Beverley, Felix, Cecily, Peter, Felicity, Dan, Sara Ray, and, of course, Sara Stanley better known as the Story Girl Such charming friends that I won t soon be forgetting Oh, and Patrick Grayfur too, for a good cat mustn t be forgotten either.Their antics kept me laughing, and their paltry tragedies molded a sadden [...]

  20. The Word ArtistA word is dead,When it is said,Some say,I say it just,Begins to live,That day E Dickenson L.M Montgomery certainly seemed to live by that poem, because when you read her words you yourself are transported to her world She writes and it s like your going home, but as if you haven t been there in a while and you are ecstatic at seeing your old haunts again You feel in her writing the joy of youth,the pain of loss, the expectation of the future You look at the future without fear now [...]

  21. 3.5 3.75The story of a group of cousins, a couple of whom s parents left them with their Aunts and Uncles to be raised, experience life together on TGR Like real life, there are adventures and tragedies, conflicts and resolutions, imagination and reality, beginnings and conclusions The lives of the cousins are interwoven, but each has a distinct and individual voice For most of the book I wasn t conscious that I was reading a children s story in my opinion its the mark of a good storyteller when [...]

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  23. This second of the Story Girl series was just as delightful as the first Again, we visit with the King cousins and friends and share in their many adventures and stories This year they decide to publish a family newspaper complete with editorials, an etiquette column, a household hints column, a fashion column, a personals column, a fiction and poetry page, and a section for exciting adventures And the paper is just as much fun as the rest of the story all filled with a lively imagination and su [...]

  24. I m so glad that I read this book I loved the Story Girl however I was a little disappointed when it ended I felt there was to tell So when I read this book I was much relieved Of course there were stories to tell You can t read the Story Girl without reading this book and vice versa.This book made me reflect on my own childhood and all the good times I had exploring the woods and building forts It actually gave me drive to create lasting memories with my children It s such an important time [...]

  25. Even lovelier than the first And sad L.M.Montgomery is very good at making things sweet and sad.The crazy witch in the woods cracked me up at every turn All of her predictions came true.I truly don t think Felicity deserves Peter but he loves her so if in the end he gets her, I guess I want him to have her Poor sad Cecily All of it was too much.I felt like young child all over again reading these two books I could read them over and over.

  26. As with all Montgomery s series, I liked the second book than the first The characters were a bit adult, and we found out about them and got deeper into them Again, the Finnish translation felt a bit too modern for me and somewhat annoying Meid n Lehti and the other missing possessive suffixes, argh , but I m starting to get used to it.

  27. I love L.M Montgomery NovelI love Golden Road, even the main characters are children with simple minds but its have full meaning I ve learn a lot from this novel Reading this novel is full of FUN and makes me HAPPY until I really miss when it reached the last page of this novel.Thank you L.M Montgomery

  28. A nice sequel or should I say continuation to The Story Girl Perhaps a bit about the childrens lives and less stories than the first book, but I liked that I would have liked to know a bit their future lives, but perhaps that would just have ruined the atmosphere of the Golden Road of Youth.

  29. I have to add the disclaimer that this novel falls into a select number of books I ve never finished not because I didn t love them, but because I donn t want them ever to be over mom thinks it strange and slightly unhealthy, so you wouldn t be alone in that opinion, should you be so inclined

  30. I have been reading this book for years i love Lucy Maud, the quiet humor and warmth of her people are relaxing and good to read the story girl is someone you would like to know and talk to, definatly listen to just a good book not shakespeare but who wants to read shakespeare all the time

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