The Eagle in the Sand

The Eagle in the Sand Best Read || [Simon Scarrow] The Eagle in the Sand Best Read || [Simon Scarrow] - The Eagle in the Sand, The Eagle in the Sand Trouble is brewing in Syria on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire With the troops in a deplorable state centurions Macro and Cato are despatched to restore the competence of the cohort But ano

  • Title: The Eagle in the Sand
  • Author: Simon Scarrow
  • ISBN: 9780755327751
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback

The Eagle in the Sand Best Read || [Simon Scarrow], The Eagle in the Sand, Simon Scarrow, The Eagle in the Sand Trouble is brewing in Syria on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire With the troops in a deplorable state centurions Macro and Cato are despatched to restore the competence of the cohort But another challenge faces them as Bannus a local tribesman is brewing up trouble and preaching violent opposition to Rome As the local revolt grows in scale Macro and Cato musTroub

The Eagle in the Sand

The Eagle in the Sand Best Read || [Simon Scarrow] The Eagle in the Sand Best Read || [Simon Scarrow] - The Eagle in the Sand, The Eagle in the Sand Trouble is brewing in Syria on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire With the troops in a deplorable state centurions Macro and Cato are despatched to restore the competence of the cohort But ano The Eagle in the Sand

  • The Eagle in the Sand Best Read || [Simon Scarrow]
    309Simon Scarrow
The Eagle in the Sand

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  1. Poor read the author had to take a piss on the Christian faith for no good reason other than for publicity and to cause a furor ,and he goes on to say I have taken a few liberties with the story of the most famous of the Judaean rabble rousers executed by Rome that s than a few liberties.I am disappointed that these so called authors take such liberties knowing well that their actions will cause no repercussions.I wonder if they will take the same liberties with another man from the same region [...]

  2. Reading the tales of Cato and Macro, you suspend your disbelief a little for Cato s induction into the army was a little unorthodox These two also seemed to be at the center of many of the scrapes that the Britains and Vespesian were fighting Well all to the good, because Cato is becoming and effective soldier.When first reads these tales, you learn that the two officers, what we might think of as NCO s as they are from the lower non senatorial classes, have a lot latitude Now finally Macro has [...]

  3. hmm not the best one I ve read, and after the pirates last book I was looking forward to the next one the idea of the adventures being based in a fort meant that macro and cats experienced something of the siege experience that they inflicted on the britons but, and here s the nub, introducing the story of Jesus, and having a back plot of his death, Peter turning into a lethal warrior really and Mary looking after Jesus s som Joseph ugh , was just contrived I m sure Mr Scarrow had a fab time in [...]

  4. Simon Scarrow does another of his tales of the Roman legionaries Macro and Cato.Unlike his previous books, the liberties that he takes with recorded history were, to me at least, grating, and substantially detracted from the story.As usual, however, his battle scenes were gritty and realistic, and especially after as many books in the series as he s written still refreshingly different each time.Not my favorite book in the series, but if you ve read this far into the series, you shouldn t skip t [...]

  5. I believe this is book seven in the series I haven t read any of the other ones in the series this was given to me as a gift for Christmas , but I would be willing to start at the beginning of the series and give it a go the writing style is modern so it was a quick read for me, but it was also a fun read and the battles were great I could see this being done as a mini series or a series of movies

  6. Another rip roaring adventure from Cato and Marco, this time in Palestine at the start of the first century With guest appearances from a couple biblical characters the plot trots along very nicely.

  7. pico Mais uma hist ria muito bem contada O Simon n o brinca em servi o Obrigado por, mais, esta grande aventura.

  8. As usual, Scarrow does a stunning portrayal of the settings of the story The narration of the intense battle scenes thrusts the reader into the story with great authenticity Aside from the anachronistic language in the dialogues, with its modern twists, Scarrow usually portray the his stories with great realism.However, this particular story has let me down in a very serious way Scarrow has shown that he isn t interested in the historicity of the Early Church, but rather interested in pushing h [...]

  9. I have followed Macro and Cato s adventures from the first book and have loved everyone of them This one is just as good as the rest, but after reading some of the reviews, I am a bit disappointed Some have picked up on the twisting of historical facts and also of trying to change the story of Jesus Most authors of Historical Fiction do this although some than others it s fiction for heavens sake and we read it because we like the authors imagination and invention and maybe a touch of fantasy, [...]

  10. Me ha parecido el tomo que por el momento ha tenido m s acci n porque casi todo el libro ha sido de batallas , apenas ten an descanso Se puede ver como cada vez Cato mejora como soldado y como l der aunque sigue teniendo fallos que Macro le corrige , no para hacerle sentir mal sino para que mejore Los planes de Cato son muy buenos y bien pensados pero a veces son algo locos y arriesgados De los personajes secundarios me ha encantado Simeon , que es un guerrero jud o que de joven cometi un grave [...]

  11. Another awesome and action packed page turner by Scarrow Macro and Cato are the ultimate duo Set in the varied theatres and provinces of the vast Roman Empire during its golden years, Scarrow uses the two protagonists to explore key events in the Empire s vast territory You gain valuable insights into the deadly politics of Rome, life on the frontiers as well as in the opulent provinces and of course Rome itself In this instalment Scarrow takes us to the holy land or what will one day become the [...]

  12. A good book, but the liberties the author takes when we talk about the life of Jesus are not just the freedom of writing, but a complete alteration of what Jesus was preaching and what happened to the first christians Whether you believe the deity or resurrection of Jesus Christ or not, is for the book not so important Yet, a lot of lines have been crossed Not just some fact, like the absence of John the apostle who took Mary in after the death and resurrection of Christ , the wife of Simon Pete [...]

  13. Another satisfying addition to the Eagle series although one with controversy, while Scarrow sticks to the realistic outlook of the Roman world of the 50 AD, the use of real religious characters might not sit well with many He has been using real historical characters from the start of the series with the likes of Emperor s and Kings but this time round its religious figures, well at least I didn t have a problem, in fact enjoyed the book quite a bit.The setting is Isreal Jordan, the new terrain [...]

  14. Part of a series of novels set around Roman centurions, this one was set in the Dead Sea area, and brings in a fictional version of early Christianity It prompted me to start thinking about the Roman experience in the region, which I will follow up by reading Apocalypse by N Faulkner recommended in the author s notes I enjoyed the book, and will read in the series, and it has led me on to other things, so I m glad I read it.

  15. There are many worse ways of spending a Sunday than in the company of Scarrow s Macro and Cato A well researched centurion s eye view of the politics that seem to have been vexing various western empires for a very long time.

  16. Another enjoyable yarn from Scarrow I really do love this series It is immensely enjoyable and really takes you back to another time and place.

  17. Another enjoyable installment, that sets up a couple enemies for Macro and Cato.This time they are in the sand An interesting take on some stories as well.

  18. I didn t like this book The reason I didn t like this book is that Scarrow decided to take a piss on Christianity.When I read a book under the historical fiction genre, I read it to spice up history I still expect to still get a fairly accurate view of what happened during that time period and event in history Some of the characters may be fictional and conversations taking place, but I want to learn facts about what actually happened while reading.I considered Simon Scarrow to be among the best [...]

  19. While reading this book I couldn t decide how many stars to give it Usually I give a decent book 3 stars, if the book somehow fell short of being reasonably good, it gets 2 stars The author will have to offend me in some way to get 1 star I hovered between giving it 2 to 4 stars while reading this book By the way, this is my first Simon Scarrow.The thing that quickly jumps out is that everyone in the book speaks as if they live in the twenty first century The mood of being in the ancient roman e [...]

  20. Roman adventure set in Syria The background is the the contested eastern end of the empire Scarrow does a good job handling the historical background.

  21. This is the first Simon Scarrow book I ve read In The Eagle in the Sand, I think this author tells a good story he definitely does a good job with the plot and setting Too, the action in The Eagle in the Sand is as exciting as it is incessant The main issue I have with Scarrow, however, is his dialogue Instead of attempting any kind of archaic parlance, the writer has the characters in his novel speaking modern day idioms While reading this book one gets the impression that the two protagonists [...]

  22. After the frankly rubbish previous installment, The Eagle s Prophecy, I very nearly ditched this series altogether It was only through being too lazy to dabble in a new author I hadn t tried before that led me to just say to hell with it and give this one a go.Surprisingly, it was refreshingly much better than its predecessor, although I have to say on reflection the premise is hardly anything particularly unique a siege on a far flung remote fort in the middle of the desert of the Eastern provi [...]

  23. Simon Scarrows latest book is a new take on what happens after Jesus or Jehoshua has been killed by the romans Although it maybe about the beggining of christainity the book is in no way religious and you only need to have brief understanding of that story to enjoy this book Marco and Cato are sent to sort out a vital Romn fort where it is suspected that the officers are involved in corruption When the lads turn up th morale of the troops is incredibly low and their is plenty of hard work ahead [...]

  24. Not my favourite in this series so far, but not for the reasons others posit Many bleat on about the anachronistic and crude language employed by the protagonists, and while I ve referred to this myself in reviews of previous books it s never been a negative to me These characters are soldiers and soldiers have always used robust language Those suggesting that writers such as L Rider Haggard offer a appropriate form of speech for characters in ancient settings are mistaking archaic forms of Eng [...]

  25. This is the book that actually made me stop reading the series Scarrow simply went over the top The penchant for changing the series into the Tourists Guide to Every Famous Person of Antiquity was getting really annoying before like in the pointless Boudica shagged by Macro episode but here the inclusion of Mary Mother of Christ and St Peter her lover wannabe apparently is just beyond dumb They both have no place in the story, they could both be replaced by any other characters and they are here [...]

  26. After taking a nice cruise in the Adriatic The Eagle s Prophecy Marco get s his fond wish of a posting to Syria really the border area between modern Israel, Jordan, and Syria Of course Cato is with Macro, after all, what would either of them be without the other Continuing the thread of The Eagle s Prophecy Macro and Cato are working for Narcissus, the Imperial Secretary of Emperor Claudius As such Cato and Macro s mission is to determine if the governor of Syria is plotting to overthrow Claudi [...]

  27. A lesser work.Still an entertaining story in the continuing adventures of Macro and Cato, this time sending them to the far Eastern edge of the empire to root out corruption and a plot to overthrow the emperor While the story remains as entertaining as prior volumes, the writing itself the emotion of experience, the richness of character portrayal and interaction, and the depth of historical detail and accuracy we ve come to expect from prior work seems to have fallen off While all of his Eagle [...]

  28. El escenario cambia, pero la propuesta no lo hace ni un pice G nero Novela Hist rica no exactamente, pero ubiqu moslo ah por respetar las clasificaciones del blog.Lo que nos cuenta Cato y Macro han sido enviados a la parte m s oriental del Imperio Romano para relevar al prefecto al mando del fuerte Bushir, cerca del Jord n, pero esa no es m s que la excusa para su verdadera misi n, que en realidad consiste en valorar la situaci n de la regi n de Judea por encargo de Narciso, la mano derecha del [...]

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