Thrush Green

[PDF] Unlimited × Thrush Green : by Miss Read [PDF] Unlimited × Thrush Green : by Miss Read - Thrush Green, Thrush Green On May Day in the small village of Thrush Green complications develop in the relationships of a group of inhabitants

  • Title: Thrush Green
  • Author: Miss Read
  • ISBN: 9780897332637
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited × Thrush Green : by Miss Read, Thrush Green, Miss Read, Thrush Green On May Day in the small village of Thrush Green complications develop in the relationships of a group of inhabitants

Thrush Green

[PDF] Unlimited × Thrush Green : by Miss Read [PDF] Unlimited × Thrush Green : by Miss Read - Thrush Green, Thrush Green On May Day in the small village of Thrush Green complications develop in the relationships of a group of inhabitants Thrush Green

  • [PDF] Unlimited × Thrush Green : by Miss Read
    242Miss Read
Thrush Green

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  1. Cozy novels of village life are my favourite comfort reading, and I only wish I could find of them This is the sort of book in which _nothing happens_ except on a personal level people argue and then mend fences, gardens grow, seasons change, boys make friends, and occasionally there s a romance or twoThese books remind me of Angela Thirkell, except written by someone a generation younger so much less painfully right wing Miss Read is able to see beauty in a lot of things which would have made [...]

  2. This is my first Miss Read novel I don t count Christmas at Thrush Green and now I understand why so many of my friends are devotees of the series It s a delicious slice of Cotswold village life in the 1950s, in which a cross section of people from various ages and classes rub along together or less harmoniously The entire novel takes place on one day May 1, May Day and the big event is the annual arrival of the carnival belonging to the formidable Mrs Curdle The storyline is a well knit circle [...]

  3. The first of the Thrush Green books takes us to the village on May Day during the course of which the book is set The first of May is the day Mrs Curdle s Fair comes to the village and there is excitement all over, among adults and children alike Six year old Paul is eagerly awaiting it, just having recovered from a minor illness and the doctor having allowed him to go to the fair for a while His aunt, Ruth, recovering from a broken heart and watching over him while his parents are away sees the [...]

  4. Why I wanted to read it I have been reading Nan s blog, Letters From a Hill Farm, for quite some time and have enjoyed her book reports and felt like I needed to make time for this book that she loved.Source My public libraryI have to say that I found this book extremely charming Sometimes I am just in the mood for a book where I get to spend time with characters and not much happens Well, at least much in earth shattering events that is.I enjoy books that play out over the course of one day and [...]

  5. One of the many reasons I love Miss Read is the fact that her books contain people of all ages, and she treats them all with amused affection Here we have the story of young Molly and Ben, the gypsy boy who only comes to Thrush Green one day out of every year, when the traveling fair his grandmother presides over comes to town But we also have Joan and Dr Lovell, fully adult characters who will also find love And we see old Dr Bailey and his wife, who are reaching the end of their years together [...]

  6. The title might as well have been The Fair at Thrush Green because many of the events are connected to the magical day in May when Mrs Curdle s fair comes to town First we see it through the eyes of six year old Paul Then we see it from the perspective of the aging fair owner, the town physician, a pair of young lovers, a cantankerous spinster, and a lonely girl Miss Read wonderfully describes human emotions without sentimentality Even the way she writes about the lovers is fresh and light none [...]

  7. My full blog post here suannelaqueurwrites eatsreThis series is about nothing Really It s about nothing 1950 s Seinfeld Just this place called Thrush Green and the people who live there in the 1950s No major plot, no Peyton Place drama, absolutely no sex there s barely chaste kissing , no cliffhangers between books You get to know the characters and follow them about their very ordinary lives Each book spans roughly a year The characters come and go newcomers arrive babies are born lifetime resi [...]

  8. WHY IT S ON MY TO READ LIST I ve just read an Angela Thirkell book and determined I really never want to read anything else she s written, and then I read this review of the Thrush Green series and the reviewer put into words what I couldn t about Thirkell and also made me want to read this series These books remind me of Angela Thirkell, except written by someone a generation younger so much less painfully right wing Miss Read is able to see beauty in a lot of things which would have made Thirk [...]

  9. What Norman Rockwell does for the canvas Miss Read is able to do with prose With her, I stepped into the lives of a handful of people living in or visiting a small English village on one pivotal day in their lives May 1st, circa 1960 The author s descriptions are so evocative that I almost felt I was there The character descriptions were delightful, albeit sentimental by today s standards Yes, this was brainless fare a very nice change from all the distopias and white knuckle adventures No socia [...]

  10. This book confirms the fact that I m living my life to the purpose of becoming an elderly woman living in a countryside cottage, naming kittens after appropriate townspeople, and dishing wisdom to bewildered young people.

  11. This was a re read for me, and like three and a half stars I m not sure how long ago I read this, but I was surprised at how much had stayed with me Some books I know I enjoyed reading, but have to struggle to come up with what the story was about or who the characters were, especially at a gap of than ten years In this book, I recognized the characters right away and knew what lay in store for them Well, it s not too hard to guess with Miss Read s plots Everything works out nicely, just as yo [...]

  12. This is the first book in Miss Read s Thrush Green series and it is an absolute delight to read I can see why her books are so popular The entire story takes place within one day, May 1st, the day the fair carnival comes to town The townspeople are filled with excitement at the thought of the once a year event The day follows everyone from the excited little boy to the aging doctor You wouldn t think one could fill an entire book with the happenings of one day and still include so many rich deta [...]

  13. May 1 is dawning in the sleepy Cotswolds village of Thrush Green and that means the fair is coming Young Paul, who has been sick in bed, is eagerly awaiting the doctor who will tell him if he s fit to go to the fair Paul s aunt Ruth has been staying with him while recovering from a broken engagement must discover where her future lies while old Doctor Bailey and Mrs Curdle, the proud gypsy woman who runs the fair, must do the same Mrs Curdle hates to close the fair but she hasn t been feeling we [...]

  14. Thank you Steena, for a wonderful recommendation I am in love with Miss Read s books They are so friendly and homey, that you feel like you really know Dr Bailey, Mrs Curdell, Molley Piggot, and Paul s Aunt Ruth Each beloved character is wound into the story lovingly, and not thrown in hastily, like some books do, giving you a vague idea of what they are supposed to be but each one has they re very own personality, and the illustrations even fit your idea of what they look like

  15. I have read and enjoyed Village School , so Thrush Green was not my first Miss Read, but it did leave me spellbound, and a diehard Miss Read fan Can anyone else pen such exquisite descriptions of the English countryside When does prose become poetry I found myself reading and re reading many a passage just to savour the beauty a little longer The setting sun warming the Cotswold stone cottages to amber, morning breaking with the fluting and scolding of blackbirds, the sycas frothing into yellow [...]

  16. Prompted by a posting on Instagram and naturally I can t remember who posted it , I have set a personal challenge to read the Thrush Green series by Miss Read during 2018 These are gentle books with characters who are easy to become familiar with and consider friends The descriptions of Thrush Green the houses, birds, flowers are quite delicious A highly recommended escape from the fire and fury that is now every day life Mrs Bailey s mind was a ragbag of snippets, some of which she drew out for [...]

  17. In Thrush Green by Miss Read, it s the first of May and time for the annual traveling fair to set up in the small village This charming book meanders through the life of a large portion of the village on this day Some find peace as decisions are reached, and others find nothing by trouble For some the future shines long and bright, and for others the path is coming to a close Interwoven together this beautifully descriptive stroll through a day in the life of a small village is a peaceful way to [...]

  18. I was very excited to join an Instagram readalong of Miss Read s Thrush Green series this year But it was a wobbly start I read just one Miss Read last summer and loved it this one not so much I almost gave it up, it took me well over 100 pages to really get into the characters and storyline But it ended well and I will continue My hope is the series will get better and better

  19. My first book by Miss Read What a delightfully, idyllic, slow paced snapshot of quaint English village life I now have another fictional place that I want to visit This is definitely my kind of book

  20. Pleasant small town village life when the fair comes to town.Here s a quote to think about Houses made Mrs Curdle ill at ease There was so much space So many bare places on the wall So far to walk It seemed to the old lady that there was nothing homelike about such a place Her own caravan, with everything within arms reach fitted her as snugly as a snail s shell The sight of so much floor to sweep and walls to clean appalled her and the lofty ceiling made her feel lost and unsafe Might as well l [...]

  21. This novel is utterly delightful Set in a bucolic English village in the mid twentieth century, Thrush Green contains a set of characters whose lives deliciously entwine for one special day in May when a traveling fair stops for a night Eager bright eyed schoolchildren, young couples in love, cheaters, drunks, and aged folk coming to terms with death are all present and accounted for It s an idealized view of life, yet the realities of the world are not forgotten by Miss Read I spent much of the [...]

  22. I miss Fairacre sobs quietly to self I don t know I just barely enjoyed this I was a bit distracted while reading, and I just really, really miss the dry humour of Miss Read s voice Miss Read as in the character, not the authoress But I shall forge ahead Though I may just end of re reading the Fairacre books.

  23. I love Thrush Green I listened to Book 2 on my recent road trip, not knowing it was the second in a series I loved it You know I love a small British village And this one has no mystery, just a slice of life in the 1950s I want to live among these people So I have now read the first and will continue It s a happy place to be.

  24. Sigh This was a delightful read chronicling the happenings in the fictional town of Thrush Green and surrounding area for one day It happens to be May 1st and spring is in the air wouldn t be May 1st without the traveling carnival coming to town This charming title is full of lovely characters and dry humor Highly recommend

  25. Enjoyed this much than I expected to Lots of wonderful characters, gentle humor, and a day in the life that had plenty going on, but none of it forced or too coincidental Will have to check out of Miss Read s stuff.

  26. A sweet little book Not sure what the point was though Sort of Jane Marple with no mystery, just tea and vicars and old people.

  27. I enjoyed this visit to Thrush Green much than my last one Still, I don t find Miss Read s characters and setting to have the charm of Lucy Maud Montgomery or Elizabeth Gaskell s Cranford Perhaps it is unfair to compare it to my favorites I m often content to trade a full plot for the beauty of the everyday and mundane, but I do need to feel some connection to the characters However, I m now two books in and a majority of them still feel like strangers I also suspect that at least two of the ch [...]

  28. Thrush Green is the first in the series of books The main characters include Paul, a six year old boy, Ruth, Mr Piggett a nasty sexton , Mrs Curdle very old owner of a gypsy traveling circus , Dr Bailey the old doctor for the area , Dotty an old maid , Mr Lovell the young doctor and others There is also Ella who is this series equivalent of Mrs Pringle from the Fairacre series The main villain is Sam, who bets on horses and doesn t take care of his wife and children The Arthur Coggs of this seri [...]

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